"First and foremost: KUDOS to that amazing summit. I laughed, cried, and left feeling so inspired. I was so happy to meet people I have only heard of by name and others who shared their stories with me and their current journey in the birth world and also see people I am familiar with. This summit was extremely important to me and I felt it was successful. " 

"I was made aware of the concerning data for MCH in Rhode Island. Grateful for the information "

"The Personal Story Panel was the most powerful and meaningful session I have ever attended at a conference. The bravery of the three women who told their stories was incredible. Q did an amazing job as moderator - her questions were the ones that need to be asked and she asked them in a sensitive yet direct way that provided the safe space for the panelists to share very personal stories. I thought all aspects of the Summit were well done, but this lunch panel was particularly compelling and will help to move action forward. If there are future summits (which I hope there are) this kind of personal story panel should continue to be a key centerpiece of the summit."