Education Services

Empowerment and education provide advocacy tools for change

Our education classes provide evidence based information to assist families throughout their pregnancy and postpartum care. Classes include breastfeeding, childbirth education series, and new parenting transition. Additionally, we will have special guest and workshops based on the needs of families to assist them throughout.

Classes will be multiple times a month; group will be held once a month

Clinical Services

Perinatal Care

Our Midwife is on staff to provide you perinatal clinical care services you need during your prenatal and postpartum journey. Other clinical services include confirmation of pregnancy, family planning services and basic gynecological care.

Appointments and walk in options will be available.

Support Group Services

Community lends it experience to one another

Our community engagement includes support from internship opportunities, referrals for personal and professional development of birthworkers, nutritional health and wellness with urban farms and breastfeeding/lactation support. We are led by the community for our support groups, which lends us the needs of those we serve.

Some support groups meet monthly

Professional Development

Building upon expertise, advancement and improvement of birth worker skills

Our professional development workshops and single day conferences provide diverse opportunities for enhancing professional and personal skills towards continuing education.